Crossover kitchen with a warmth

Flat front in ash. Opaque. Dolomite.
Framework: Carl Bäckström. Core of solid spruce with an ultra-matte finish.

Vernon is a crossover kitchen. It is severe and minimalistic but with a warmth that is uncommon in a modern kitchen. The fully visible framework frames a flat and handlefree inside attached front. The material is veneer of ash treated with white opaque allowing the beautiful grain of the wood to emerge. The show case cabinet is fully integrated into the wall above the sink. This is neat and practical and does not encroach on the workspace.

The 20mm thin worktop of composite is made in one piece completely without any joints. Both the sink and the induction cook top are built into the same level as the worktop. The oven is built in the high cabinet which is framed by a ledge made out of silk white olive ash.

The doors are in matte black without any handles. You open them, as well as other cabinets and drawers, by a light touch on the front.


The fronts are manufactured in veneer of ash and the surface is treated with black or white opaque to let the texture of the wood to be shown. As an alternative material we use olive ash painted with white pigment oil to highlight the beautiful graining in the wood.

The open wall cabinets have unique visible details like shelf ledge in olive ash and the imprinted back in the cabinet. The back of the cabinet is 6 mm thick which makes the cabinet very stable and strong.

The side parts of the drawers as well as the cutlery tray are made in olive ash. Every drawer has a neat badge with Canada Kitchen logo engraved on its side.