Modern yet rustic kitchen with clean lines

Flat front in rough oak. Treated with copperas.
Framework: Carl Bäckström. Core of solid spruce with an ultra-matte finish.

Valdor is a modern yet rustic kitchen with clean lines framed by the oversized framework, partly visible behind the rebated fronts. The roughly cut, copperas treated oak is mixed with flat surfaces and dark colours in contrast to the white framework.

In the background you can see the wine room with interior in apple wood. Draw a drawer or open a cabinet and more of what makes a Canadaköket so special is revealed. There are patterned fabrics in the bottom of the drawers, the drawers´ dividers and the shelves lipping are made in silk white olive ash.

Everything is manufactured with the outmost care and the materials are produced to meet with beauty and function.


The ladder is manufactured in the same material as the fronts and has the same surface treatment. The wine room in the background is decorated in solid apple wood.

The overfolded fronts allow the framework to be fully seen. The framework is painted on site in order to avoid visible joints. The shelves in the show case cabinet consist of a wooden frame with recessed glass shelf. That construction is both strong and beautiful.

The shelves are attached with machine shrews that are drawn into brass socket preinstalled in the framework. Neat, stable and almost indestructible.