Classical Swedish mansion kitchen

Panel front in ash. Stained, Bohus.
Framework: Carl Bäckström.

Cambridge is Canadaköket`s version of the classical Swedish mansion kitchen. Typical for this type of kitchen are the many small drawers and open shelves. This kitchen is based on the framework Carl Bäckström. The framework is fully visible as the fronts are inside attached in the traditional way.

The fronts are made in ash, stained in a light grey colour. The same material is used in the veneering of the visible edges of the framework. These edges are later stained in place in the same light grey colour as the rest of the kitchen. All small drawers and fronts are completely flat, while the bigger fronts are – by tradition – panel fronts like in an old times mansion kitchen.


Cambridge is based on the framework Carl Bäckström, which is an extra powerful dimensioned framework. The framework as well as fronts and drawers are in ash veneer stained in the colour Bohus.

A classical mansion kitchen but with all modern elements already integrated in the drawing stage. In the place where you would have expected a wood stove, an AGA stove or an old fashioned electrical stove you will now find an induction cook top. The kitchen fan is completely hidden in the over cabinet, which is neatly elevated to make the work environment by the stove practical and comfortable.