Minimalistic kitchen with a warm feel.

Flat front in matte varnished jacaranda.
Framework: Core in solid spruce with ultra matte finish.

Alberta is a minimalistic kitchen. Thanks to the matte varnished jacaranda the kitchen nevertheless gives an impression of warmth and strong feeling of wood. The beautiful graining and fine colour changes of the material are clearly showed by the clean lines and the wide flat surfaces.

The cold storages are fully integrated, thus hidden in the high cupboard section. That section is framing the four ovens. At the very top of every high cabinet there is a showcase front, partly in frosted glass. The sink as well as the induction cook top is centrally positioned on the big kitchen island. The kitchen fan is immersed into the kitchen island and is visible only in use. The work top consists of two materials: 15 mm stainless steel is covering the working area. The bar area is covered by a 50 mm composite top. The handles in stainless steel are completely smooth, thus reinforcing the modern outlook even further.


Inserted handles in stainless steel are reinforcing the minimalistic impression. The function is simple: the handles are tucked in by your hand when opening the front. The over cabinets are completely without brackets. You open them by a light push on the front. These fronts are also available with electric opening in which case you use a remote control.

The bookcase from floor to ceiling in the background is made in the same matte varnished jacaranda as the fronts and kitchen island.