– a wide range of kitchen units in different styles

Canadaköket has a wide range of kitchen units in different styles on display: from our unique crossover kitchen over clean minimalism to classical kitchen with framed panel front. Three different fronts are available: outside attached, overfolded and inside attached. All these three add something to its kitchen´s character. Outside attached fronts are totally covering the framework, the overfolded fronts leave a small part of the framework visible whereas the inside attached front allow the whole framework to been seen. You can choose between traditional type of wood of high quality, like oak or ash or you can choose more exclusive type of wood like Calabrese Apple or Jacaranda. The surface treatment on the more exclusive type of wood is carefully chosen in order to highlight the unique quality of the material. On the more traditional type of wood we use a kind of transparent surface treatment. We also provide a range of fronts in MDF, which are painted in an opaque paint. We have a wide range of basic colours and many of the fronts can be painted in a chosen colour from the NCS-scale, which includes hundreds of colours.

Endless possibilities

A kitchen from Canadaköket is always specially adapted to the conditions of the area and to your personal needs and wanting’s. We fulfil that in different ways. All our fittings, for example, are custom made. If our broad collection would not be sufficient in your case, our skilled decorators will meet up with your needs exclusively. We have an incredibly broad optional collection – all carefully chosen to meet up with the same height quality as all parts of our kitchen collection. Some optional items we have chosen to manufacture ourselves, but we are also collaborating with some of the best manufacturers in their fields. Among optional item you will find cutlery compartments and knives case as well as handles, knobs and lightning.


Your kitchen from Canadaköket can always be adapted by the mm to your chosen width, height and depth. We can construct incredible kitchen of great height. Or we can plan a fantastic kitchen for small spaces.

You can have all our cabinets with veneer inside giving the cabinet an extra wood feeling. In the showcase cabinets you get a stunning effect if you choose a divergent type of wood.

We are very careful in choosing the lightning for our kitchens. LED lightning can be inserted right into the framework both outside and inside the cabinet. It creates a possibility of having both functional task lighting as well as lighting for cosy atmosphere.

Details that makes
the diffrence

A kitchen from Canadaköket gives you a feeling of quality by the specially selected material and the carefully manufactured front. But the feeling of quality does not stop there. It follows you right through from the facade into the cabinet in smallest detail – all to secure that total feeling of luxury.

Whether you choose a classical or a modern kitchen from Canadaköket, you will find that the details are elaborate in both design and function. When you open a cabinet, draw a drawer or move a shelf you will always get a feeling of quality and concern of details.  Craftsmanship that survives over time – something you are worth every day!

Interior in drawers and trollies

Storage in of great importance in a kitchen. Having that in mind, we have created a wide range of interiors for drawers and trollies. All our interiors for corner cabinets and larder are from the same world-leading supplier.

That means that we can offer a wide range of smart and functional answers to storage – and always in the same design. Whatever cabinet you open a feeling of quality and design will follow your eye inside the cabinet.